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... is Stuttgart's young classical music festival. In the future, a forum for a lively musical landscape with first-class artists, up-and-coming artists and school classes.


... is a meeting opportunity for all generations who believe in values, want to preserve and promote them. A platform that enables culture, politics and business to act together towards a valuable future.


... is a project for young and old, connoisseurs and enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs with the aim of creating a community experience and networking.


... allows classical music to play a self-evident role today and in the future. Everyone can get to know and love classical music!

Current Program



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    For ticket orders and donations to the new festival account simply email ZUKUNFTSKLANG now.


    Application form / Application fee:
    Application form download (AWARD "Participate")
    "At a glance (Current program") / Course fee: PayPal
    or online via www.zukunftsklang-award.com

    Active Participation - Application form / Course fee:
    Academy "Join In" + "At a Glance-Current Program" / Course fee: PayPal

    passive participation: course pass
    per day / per household - 10 €
    all days / per day / per household - 5 €
    Application form: Academy "Participate" + "At a glance-Current program" / Tickets: PayPal

    Streaming Concerts 
    per household - 10 €
    Tickets: www.streemy.de

    Live Concerts & Sound Subscription
    1 concerts - 15 € - 12 € *
    2 concerts - 25 € - 20 € *
    3 concerts - 40 € - 32 € *

    Children as well as pupils / students (with pupil / student ID), trainees, volunteers (with proof) - each 5 € per ticket.

    Teachers and chaperones with school/student classes free admission

    * 20% discount (with proof) for:
    ⋅ residents Augustinum Killesberg (for the concerts in the Augustinum theater hall)
    ⋅ severely disabled with accompanying person
    ⋅ Bonuscard+Kultur holders
    ⋅ extend customers of the BW-Bank


    Live Concerts & Sound Subscription
    Tickets are available at the day / evening box office or with reservation at info@zukunftsklang.de

    When ordering by e-mail, please include:
    ⋅ name, address, concert date, number of tickets, discount, payment method (pick-up or bank transfer).

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    per e-Mail booked tickets save queuing - tickets are deposited at an extra day / evening box office in the name. Collection up to 30 minutes before the start of the concert. If not picked up 30 minutes before the start of the concert, the tickets will be offered for sale.

    Kartenbestellungen können auch fest reserviert werden. Dazu den Betrag einfach auf das Festivalkonto überweisen.
    Nach Eingang der Überweisung werden die Karten per e-mail zugesandt. Diese können dann entweder ausgedruckt und mitgebracht werden oder umweltfreundlichen Variante: dazu die e-mail-Karten auf dem Handy speichern und beim Einlass die Karten per Handy vorzeigen. Bestellungen werden in unserer Bestellliste notiert und an der Kasse hinterlegt. Hier kann nachgefragt werden, falls die ausgedruckten Karten oder das Handy zu Hause vergessen werden.

    For ticket regulations, we adopt the usual regulations. Tickets cannot be returned. No replacement will be made for expired tickets. Dates, programs and line-ups are subject to change and do not entitle tickets to be returned. However, an exchange is possible at ZUKUNFTSKLANG Stuttgart.

    By purchasing a ticket - active participants declare their participation -, visitors agree to possible image recordings of their person on the occasion of archive and advertising recordings. For copyright reasons, images recorded by visitors and participants may only be used for personal use during the events and may not be distributed to third parties.


    As a forward-looking festival, we focus on environmental protection and conserve paper resources. Besides paperless organization / administration, there is also no printed concert program. Advantage: increases attention and excitement. The program can be read on our website after the concerts.

    Event locations

    Augustinum Killesberg, Oskar-Schlemmer-Str. 5, 70191 Stuttgart

    Steinway & Sons Stuttgart, Silberburgstraße 143, 70176 Stuttgart

    Erlöserkirche, Birkenwaldstraße 24, 70191 Stuttgart


    Curious about creative classical music?

    Then just drop by at the next concert!

    » Make new, Beethoven - The Zukunftsklang Festival shows that Mozart and Beethoven can also be different: namely, cheap and hip and completely without airs and graces. « LIFT - The Stuttgart Magazine 10/2019



    Concert Insights 


    Press-Interview (Excerpts)

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    ZUKUNFTSKLANG Stuttgart in LIFT - The Stuttgart Magazine | ZK Festival 2019-Press-Lift

    ZUKUNFTSKLANG Stuttgart in the Cannstatter-Untertürkheimer Zeitung | ZK Festival 2019-Press-Cannstatter-Untertürkheimer Zeitung

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    in Cooperation with:
    State academy of fine arts Stuttgart, Augustinum Killesberg, Italian consulate General Stuttgart,
    Steinway & Sons Stuttgart,
    University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, SIRIUS, ERNANI, Dreher Media, Paganino, G. Henle Verlag
    Project funding by:
    Ministery of Science, Research and the Arts B.- W., GVL GmbH, Neustart Kultur

    #2022 → Gastland England
    ZUKUNFTSKLANG AWARD – Internationaler Online Wettbewerb

    #2021→ Gastland Frankreich
    Once again, we have also adapted our program to the performance restrictions. We are launching three new formats: ZUNFTSKLANG extra - online concert series . The concert evening in the living room // ZUKUNFTSKLANG Academy - Stuttgart's 1st International Streaming Academy // ZUKUNFTSKLANG AWARD - International Online Competition.

    #2021 → Guest Country France
    Like most organizers, we postpone the planned program to 2021 due to the pandemic // Two exclusive concerts could take place exclusive concerts with French Chamber Music and our cooperation partner Augustinum Killesberg
    #2019 → Guest Country Italy
    The up-and-coming Alinde Quartet played for the first time in Stuttgart, presentation of the CD "Lichtwechsel" // Start of the generation participation project "Klavierspielen macht Spaß" // International prize winners of the HMDK Stuttgart vocal class & textile designers of the ABK Stuttgart present the rare live combination opera-classical song art & future fashion
    #2018 → Guest Country Mexico
    Latin America's renowned M5MexicanBrass played for the first time in Stuttgart
    In the future, the festival for all - so who wants to shape Stuttgart's culture, short email to info@zukunftsklang.de. Everyone can freely decide his active / passive participation e.g. with ideas, suggestions, wishes, collaboration, network, donations, listening ... .

    Develop together

    The idea behind ZUKUNFTSKLANG


    » Classic is power & esprit, strength of character & variety. «

    Welcome to ZUKUNFTSKLANG, the young classical music festival for Stuttgart.
    We would like to invite you/you to give classical music an inspiring perspective in your/our everyday life.


    Diverse dialogue, classical music with all its facets, creating wide horizons across genres, networking. A platform for young & old, connoisseurs & lovers, professionals & amateurs and "Made in Stuttgart", strengthening the presence of artists with a connection to Stuttgart. Promoting the power of music to unite people through guest concerts by international ensembles.


    Music makes you happy, is a form of communication and art. With global success, classical music has a strong quota in many countries.


    With you/you, ZUKUNFTSKLANG wants to make a difference in the classical music scene under the motto "networked", uniting culture creators and sustainability to further strengthen our cultural asset classical music. Together we can achieve more.

    When and where does ZUKUNFTSKLANG take place?

    The Festival always takes place on three consecutive days (Thursday - Saturday) in October.

    ZUKUNFTSKLANG extra will offer creative journeys of discovery outside the festival season in cooperation with cultural institutions from 2021.

    ZUKUNFTSKLANG is in unusual places, in traditional concert halls and with the kind support by Steinway & Sons Stuttgart and Augustinum Stuttgart-Killesberg to experience. In the modern theater hall entsteht a networking of young and old.


    The projects of ZUKUNFTSKLANG



    » Mach mal neu, Beethoven – Das Zunftsklang-Festival zeigt, dass Mozart und Beethoven auch anders können: nämlich günstig und hip und ganz ohne Allüren. « LIFT – Das Stuttgart Magazin 10/2019

    ZUKUNFTSKLANG Stuttgart focuses on the highest artistic mastery in a relaxed atmosphere. As a flexible creative forum, it offers performers, cultural institutions, sponsors and listeners new ways to grow and network, conveys values and makes itself strong for the importance of musical education as well as for a better functioning society. As a network with the goal of Stuttgart's culture, politics and business for a stronger sense of values and community to connect even further. Selected godparents from these areas are available to advise.

    Young artists and professionals experiment, make music and present in the future also with Stuttgart school/student classes on a public stage. Young musicians can develop their skills further in various program formats. Professionals receive interesting tasks and new impulses. Listeners experience how this musically creative solutions and ideas grow together.

    The musical supreme discipline "chamber music" can be experienced in instrumental and stylistic diversity, networked with art and literature, dance and drama. Chamber music requires and promotes dialogue, self-esteem, tolerance and value consciousness. Qualities that we need for a successful future together. Annually changing guest country concerts are the focus here.

    ZUKUNFTSKLANG presents creative ideas together with cooperation partners, connecting exciting regional and international artists with global sustainability issues. ZUKUNFTSKLANG is quite simply » for Stuttgart, from Stuttgart and in Stuttgart «.

    The project consists of the categories Academy, Festival, Classic Award and ZUKUNFTSKLANG extra.

    In addition to festival and guest country concerts will be in the future in workshops listeners live when renowned artists together with prize winners in the framework of the Festival Academy Solo- and Chamber music works. Stuttgart pupils, students and listeners will receive classical music coaching, can help shape the festival, contribute with creative ideas. The generational project "Playing the piano is fun" for piano players between 9-90 years, has been an enriching community event since the first implementation. In the future, ZUKUNFTSKLANG will also make its platform available for discussion rounds. And classical awards will be presented by a jury. In the cross-sector ZUKUNFTSKLANG AWARD - International Online Competition, entries can be submitted in the categories Performer . Publicist . Producer, the groups Young . Professional . Amateurs and School Classes. For the ZUKUNFTSKLANG IMPULS AWARD selected artists are nominated, which classical music with education promotion, motivation, inclusion, sustainability network.

    ZUKUNFTSKLANG extra - here participants and listeners will be able to go on a creative journey of discovery outside the festival in October in cooperation with cultural institutions.

    Individual concerts with ZUKUNFTSKLANG - You would like / you would like to experience a concert with ZUKUNFTSKLANG also at your / your place. You provide / you provide the place - in your business premises, in your school, in the private living room, in a concert hall, a special place or outdoors - we advise you / we advise you with our many years of concert experience around the concert organization. Concert request: e-mail to info@zukunftsklang.de




    » Goals are not achieved alone. «

    Klaus Breuninger . Conductor/singer (soloist, bass-baritone) . Speaker and emcee . Conductor of various choirs, ensembles, orchestras including Solitude-Chor-Stuttgart, Die Meistersinger, Junges Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart, Sinfonieorchester Universität Hohenheim . Lecturer at the Hohenheim Children's University . Director of Chorsingen leichtgemacht at musicpartner/Edition Peters (learning CDs of all great oratorios) . Member of various choirs and vocal ensembles. u. a. Gächinger Cantorey . Chor-/Orchestereinstudierungen/Uraufführungen u. a. für Helmuth Rilling (Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart), Sir Roger Norrington (Chor-Einstudierung der Grammy-nominierten Einspielung von Beethovens Neunter Sinfonie) . www.breuninger.net

    Jongky Goei . Pianist . Goei Productions . cultural exchange . theater producer . event promoter . stagecraft . director . stage entertainment . image consultant . www.goei.de 

    Dr. Stefan Kaufmann . lawyer . Innovation officer hydrogen BMBF . www.bmbf.de

    Nicole Köster . Television and radio host . editor . SWR Baden-Wuerttemberg

    Charlotte Löffler . cultural consultant . cultural, literary, religious studies

    Siegfried Must . Must oHG-Industrial agencies

    Dr. Christian Ricken . Member of the Board of Management of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg . www.lbbw.de

    Together for classic

    Change the world,

    You are looking/you are looking for an exciting project that combines music with sustainability. By supporting ZUKUNFTSKLANG Stuttgart and the future trend Corporate Social Responsibility, companies and private individuals can take their current support activities to a new level. Their / your investment will enable low-cost tickets for young and needy listeners, give classical music a self-evident role again and network classical music with sustainability issues across genres.

    Like every new project, ZUKUNFTSKLANG Stuttgart also starts with small steps for the first time. Initially still strengthened with the goal of achieving a sustainable budget in order to advance further projects in the coming years, including the Festival Academy for young artists and Stuttgart school classes. 

    We would like to thank all previous sponsors, supporters, cooperation partners, advisors and sponsors who have made the project run through their support. In order to continue to grow and plan, we are initially increasingly dependent on donations.

    Value promotion is your / your heart affair to enable a diverse future for Stuttgart. According to a survey of the Bertelsmann Foundationamong the younger populationone in four now considers musical heritageunimportant. We are responsible to counteract this. Let us therefore use our role model function and possibilities to accompany our cultural asset classical music successfully
    in the future.

    With your / your help ZUKUNFTSKLANG Stuttgart continues to grow in the long term. Let / let us together promote the cultural asset of classical music.

    We say thank you. 


    Possible engagements
    • Project promotion (chamber music, music education, school projects, special events / as a thank you: free ticket, CD recording)
    • Composition commissions (promote new compositions / as a thank you: free ticket, score with personal dedication, CD recording)
    • Concert sponsorship (as a thank you: free ticket, CD recording)
    • Musician sponsorship (as a thank you: getting to know the sponsoring musician personally)
    • Donation (as a thank you: free ticket)
    • Co-design
    • Network connection
    • Listen
    • Give a gift concert experience voucher
    • Premium of a future membership (20% discounted tickets, new membership/1 free ticket, for 1 new membership/1 free ticket)

    Kulturkonzert Künstlersekretariat
    Tel. +49 (0)160 1648644




    Account abuse attempts at organizers: we were among them, too. As a precaution, we have blocked the account and taken it off the website. Note: unlawful use - account abuse and data misuse will be reported and prosecuted. No damage was caused to us. However, we set a sign with the future non-publication. ZUKUNFTSKLANG stands for fair play, also protects the money received from its fans and supporters.

    For ticket orders and donations to the new festival account simply email ZUKUNFTSKLANG now.

    Sponsoring association · Statutes · Membership application

    Together further strengthen our cultural asset classical music and move something in the classical music scene as well as concerts at the highest artistic level present, we need planning security. Without sponsorship help this would not be possible.
    Heartfelt thanks to all sponsors.

    Due to the pandemic, the foundation of the association is postponed to the end of 2021. After the foundation and entry of the association in the commercial register, all donations will be tax deductible in the future. The purpose of the association is then non-profit and serves the promotion and care of art and culture, education and upbringing. The association is also a network of young cultural workers and provides a sustainable contribution to diversity for the cultural location of Stuttgart.

    Your/your freely chosen membership fee as individual, family, student or corporate membership, let ZUKUNFTSKLANG, the cultural life, Klasssik and social values continue to grow. Members receive then as a premium 20% discounted tickets, lead vocally the festival with, experience early all news. Design / Design your future creatively. ZUKUNFTSKLANG is looking forward to you / you.

    Wer initiiert ZUKUNFTSKLANG?
    Maximilian Schairer, Pianist∙Harpsichordist



    Enthusiastic audience, full concert hall, that's how the audience knows and appreciates the initiator of ZUKUNFTSKLANG. Critics wrote about the Stuttgart artist as early as 2011: "That's a name you can already remember today. His music breathes, speaks and sings with great richness of color. His interpretations are thrillingly expressive, high-level skill with lively creative power. This is exactly how music should be played." The Young Steinway Artist is currently completing his concert exam at the HMDK Stuttgart with Professor Hauber. He works with the motto: "Music builds bridges, music connects, music has the power to improve the future!". With ZUKUNFTSKLANG he has created a platform that links tradition & zeitgeist with quality values. For this, he consulted with Ralph Dannhäuser, one of the leading experts in social media recruiting and bestselling author.




    Kulturkonzert Künstlersekretariat
    Margit Kirsch
    Tel. +49 (0)160 1648644

    ZUKUNFTSKLANG leaves free space for everyone.

    Suggestions, ideas, requests by e-mail are welcome and will be processed promptly.

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